Fitness and Accountability

21 Motivational Quotes To Help You Win At Life

Starts January 1st! (1 Week)

It is a new year – you probably just made a million resolutions – but why not just start with this one small (if you had those adult beverages for New Years probably much needed) step in the right direction for your health. Let’s spend one week getting ourselves on track drinking enough water to fuel our bodies to fill the tanks for these workouts. Easy – no equipment needed. ;)


Starts January 8th (13 weeks!)

For the new year I am going to be doing the NEWEST program Beachbody is bringing out and doing the entire 80 days! This program with the lovely Autumn Calabrese is 80 days, 45 minutes to 1 hour workouts and a new one each day. They are going to be putting out a new workout each day until the entire program is out and will be available on Beachbody on Demand. We will spend the week before the program comes out going over the meal plan and prep and completing the 5 day “A Little Obsessed” program to amp us up. This is going to be an amazing 13 weeks and I am VERY ready. Who is with me? ;)

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