Fitness and Accountability

May 27-29th

This month I am going to spend Memorial Day weekend Refreshing instead of binge eating a ton of foods. If you are ready to give your body a little reset and feel the goodness before the start of June now is the time! The first round I did with this I lost 10 pounds! *POW* It’s time to just feel better, look better and really round out that diet to get your body back on track. So who is with me? ;)

Let’s do this thing!

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May 19th – May 26th

The first time I lost all my weight I made a board and a weight loss thermometer to keep my eye on the prize. Filled with motivating quotes, photos, goal pictures or workout ideas…It has been a few years since I made this, but I’ve decided the time is now to create my vision board again to keep my mind with focus on the goal. This doesn’t have to be a weight loss board for you, this can be a board to help you motivate toward any goal that you have. Spend a free week in a workshop with me and a few other good souls to create your own board.

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