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So you are 23 years old. You are a stay at home mom who goes to school online, and takes care of your house, son, husband, and family dog. What do you turn to when you need a boost? FOOD. What does this get you? UNWANTED FAT. In a society in which it is cheaper to buy a cheeseburgers and happy meals rather than a healthy meal for your family, it is not hard to take the easy road and buy the unhealthy, oversized portioned, and grease covered food. No one wants to waste time cooking a huge meal when it is so easy and much cheaper to buy the fast food and spend the extra time doing what you need or want to do.

After reaching an all-time high weight of 212, then spending a year in 2012 losing 67 pounds, kicking butt and taking names…

FAST FORWARD to 2013! Moving to another state and converting to a working mom of a now in-school child, military wife, and one big fur baby addition in the shape of a German shepherd and no familiar faces except a few family members. TIME JUMP AGAIN! 3 years later to 2016, at being only 6 pounds shy of that all-time high yet again. Boy what a gut check that was. QUITE literally. My husband was deployed, Brenden was struggling with handling the separation just as hard as I was, and I was drowning in work at both home and my job.

You know that old saying that “Everything happens for a reason”? I kind of live my life by that thought process on the daily. From being on the high road and hitting my goals and then jumping off the wagon and falling on my face hard, I realized that I fixed the outside appearance but never worked on the inside issues. Never addressed the lack of personal development I had over those years and I fully believe that is THE reason I let stress get to me and fell back into my old patterns.

Let’s go ahead and sprinkle some awesome into this story though. Check back in with me September 2016, my husband is home, my job is settled in and my son is doing amazingly well in school, and my family was no longer broken. However, I was still feeling that lack of fulfillment in my life. Still feeling like I needed more. Enter Rock It Nation, my amazingly splendiferous Beachbody team. I followed their journeys, became intoxicated by their happiness and passion, and just knew THAT was the ingredient missing in my life. I joined as a coach, because I wanted accountability, to make a positive impact, and to create a business that will support my heart’s desire and my family. I haven’t looked back since.

My inspiration came from my family, my team and my friends and the amazing results that showed me that it IS POSSIBLE to lose weight the right way and without even leaving the house…

Let’s be clear I am NO expert on losing weight, getting fit, or anything diet related. I am only one person who decided to make a change for the better in their life and wanted to share my experience along with inspirations, foods, and tips I find on my journey to a healthy life. I want to inspire anyone who needs that little extra push to make a better life for themselves and their family. I want to build a tribe of strong individuals who also want to make a bigger and better life.

I hope you enjoy! XO, Holley


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  1. Brandy McMillion says:

    You need to make this blog a book. No joke. It’s a very good read. I would buy your first copy. Given you sign it.

    1. holleyrogers says:

      You are to nice. lol. You would need to co-write it. You have so much good information to not share it. :)

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