Little eyes.

Tonights thought of the night for you. It is always most important to remember that when you are working on creating a healthier lifestyle that you remember the little eyes watching you all the time. For me, this little man shows me everyday that he is paying attention. His new years resolution on his school [...]



Tonight, I want to talk briefly about FOCUS. (Ironically I am sitting her having the hardest time focusing on what I want to say...) Without focus, with any task we take on, there is little success to be had. People make lists, listen to classical music, lock themselves in a closet for quiet...I have done [...]

Take Care

So tonight I basically crushed my workout. Don't mind if a brag a little here, but really, my mind was in the game, my heart was in the game, because I had quite the epiphany on my way home today. We as people wake up, think about how Monday's are terrible, maybe we don't like [...]