A note to future self.

Tonight’s assignment in my group i’m taking part in to grow this amazing business of mine is to write a letter to your 30 day future self, so I thought why not be very transparent about it and just post it out there for the world to see. Because to me, growing this business is not ONLY a way to support my family, but it means that I am doing what my heart is passionate about and what my souls breathes which is helping other people to find their happiness and their healthy life. THAT is what this business is to me. So here we go…..

Hi You!

Well guess what….it’s your birthday month! And you are well on your way to building your strong tribe of amazing individuals, half way to your Diamond goal, your people are changing lives! Finally you have finally gotten your noggin on straight and are making leaps and bounds to getting there with all the people you want to work with for a job you WANT to have.

Today when you woke up you have 3 more coaches on your team, which means your efforts are now tripling, which means triple the lives being impacted. You now have a sounding board for all your ideas, you have your own people who you can lead with the respect you feel people should have, you are proud of what you are offering to people, you are growing as an individual and confidence is flourishing!

This month you have one coach on her way to emerald, being her own personal boss babe, together you are working together to plan out new groups and content to share with the world, you are working with all your coaches to find out what is going to work best to motivate them and keep your team going! To become the ideal coach you have started sharing live videos in your own group chat started while you still work on your team page on inspirational topics, personal development, ways to reach out to more people (because guess what you are getting way better at that!), you are helping your coaches move through the training in a structured way on their own time, you are helping 5 people this month to create a healthy life and have finally made your success club which in turn is helping generate income for you double what you have been making and providing for your family!

This month has been a productive one and you WILL get to diamond. Just think of all the cool promo stuff you will buy with that shiny diamond on it…you know you want it…go GET IT. There are lives to change and no time to waste. People need your help and you are making that differnce. Don’t stop being bright and shiny, no matter what.

Love You Always,





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