Tonight, I want to talk briefly about FOCUS. (Ironically I am sitting her having the hardest time focusing on what I want to say…)

Without focus, with any task we take on, there is little success to be had. People make lists, listen to classical music, lock themselves in a closet for quiet…I have done all of these things personally. But you know what helps me more than anything? I realized that focusing on the vision of what I am going to look like or feel like, closing my eyes and seeing what my life can be with a little focused energy is what gets my mind ticking.

I have been listening to a book called Live It! Achieve Success by Living with Purpose by Jairek Robbins, and the first exercise and section of the book is to focus on your ideal day and what that looks like for you. Not necessarily how much money you made that day or how much cool stuff you have, because this is your ideal day after all, but what you did that day that made you FEEL awesome or who you spent your time with and what you did that made you feel a purpose.

For me that ideal day is sitting in my crows nest lookout right on the water, cup of coffee and laptop in hand, watching the sunrise right over the horizon while the busy streets are asleep. I spend my morning shuffling through my emails, but not work emails that cause me stress, but ones where I can use my problem solving skills, futuristic tendencies and my compassion to help others change their lives. I am a life coach and my entire day revolves around people finding their ideal lives…

That is just the start to my ideal day, for now the rest I want to keep to myself because I made it very personal and i’m not sure i’m ready to share the entire vision with the world. But the point it, my ideal vision is so real to me because I am pouring my focusing energy into my goals. I’ve found the why that is going to fuel my fire when motivation is not enough to keep me going. My ideal day revolves around financial security for my family so they can pursue their dreams, helping others achieve the happiness in their lives that we all deserve, working on my terms and not really working at all because of how much I care about the work I am doing, being able to pick up and travel if we want to…those goals give me chills because they are why I push play, why I get out of my comfort zones and talk to people, why I started to put myself back on the priority list.

Because you know what? When you start to take care of yourself, you will start to take better care of those around you. Focusing your energy by making the small daily behaviors needed to meet your goal, over time, will get you to your goal. Being focused means being consistent, being ready to push a little harder, and when you are doing something that is going to help you move the right direction, make sure that is what you are focusing on when you do it and not multitasking doing 100 different things. As the saying goes….

Don't half ass anything. Whatever you do, always use your full ass.:

So tonight, when you are closing your eyes and headed to bed, take a few minutes to start really putting thoughts into what YOUR ideal day looks like and what that means to you. Start thinking about the small daily behaviors and focus on one day at a time. The big picture is great, but sometimes you just have to work pixel to pixel to build it.

I would love to hear a little about your ideal day so drop it in the comments below. <3

If you are looking for more and in greater detail on this amazing topic, check out the book! https://www.amazon.com/Live-Achieve-Success-Living-Purpose/dp/147782474X


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