Take Care

So tonight I basically crushed my workout. Don’t mind if a brag a little here, but really, my mind was in the game, my heart was in the game, because I had quite the epiphany on my way home today.

We as people wake up, think about how Monday’s are terrible, maybe we don’t like Tuesday’s either…I’m guilty. OH SO GUILTY. But while you are complaining about how terrible it is to wake up and get ready and go to work…have you ever stopped to think about what your body has done to get you out of that bed, wake up, saw where the alarm clock was located with your eyes to use your muscles to get up and throw it across the room, those lungs took a deep breath to let out that yawn and yell for those kids to get out of bed, that as parents, YOUR bodies created!

No, I bet you didn’t. Because it is easy to take for granted the things that our body does all on it’s own.

You didn’t really think about breathing today or blinking, you didn’t think about your heart beating nonstop since the day it was formed, but I bet that if one of those things stopped working properly that you would think about it then!

This is one of the reasons that I woke up to how unhealthy I had become 2 years ago. Stairs had become an issue, a quick walk to the beach or post office had become an issue, I had no energy or drive to do anything that I wanted to do just two years prior, I didn’t want to play with my kid anymore, I didn’t want to look pretty for my husband, quite frankly I had stopped caring.

Without the health of my body, my life was not being lived to the fullest. I wasn’t able to do all the things that I would liked to have done, and my confidence was shot. It was easy to hate on myself because I knew how fit I COULD be and I had let myself slip into my old habits.

But today, I can tell you without a doubt, I am focused on full body health and see nothing but how important it is that we take care of ourselves. There are too many things in the world out there that we cannot control, so taking control of our health and doing everything we can to keep ourselves as the best version on ourselves is so so important!

Without exercising our bodies, feeding it right and letting it rest when it needs it, we are going to notice those daily functions that we take for granted now because they are going to be off kilter, unwell, not working and making all the systems in your body works twice as hard.

So next time you are thinking about how you want to skip your workout or that healthy meal, think about what that little behavior added up over time is really going to cost you.

My coach has a saying about putting the penny in the bucket – so today are you going to put a penny in the bucket to fill up your life or are you going to put a penny in the bucket to weigh yourself down, both literally and figuratively?

We all have the same choices, so what do you choose today?


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