Finding a Rhythm

How ironic is it that the English language is so strange that a word with such a combination of letters, impossible to spell without knowing the rules, is applied most commonly to people that flow with ease. There is nothing easy about that word. You know what? I just don’t even care – it is too hard – I give up – I am just going to stop trying to spell and write all together. Who has time to correct their spelling!!

Ok maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but I am coming to a point I promise.

First off, thank goodness for autocorrect because spelling the word Rhythm just isn’t my strong suit.

So what if this situation applied to life in the way that something as difficult as sticking to a routine, spending a little time developing a meal plan for the week or making sure to move our bodies a little each day can stand for a flow and ease to our life?

Well, it does.

Imagine if you will someone becoming so frustrated with the word Rhythm, or perhaps another not so easy to spell word of their dislike, that they just stopped wanting learning how to spell. They threw in the towel because it is that it’s just sometimes hard to remember how to put together letters and they were done. They said, well that was too hard and it isn’t worth it to keep learning and keep growing my vocabulary. Who really needs to spell anyways!

I imagine that you would probably look at them like they were a little on the bonkers side, because obviously learning how to read and spell isn’t something you give up on for most of the population. It’s like walking, it is just something you do. But why is it that we tend to give up on our health and our fitness (and when I say fitness I don’t mean getting jacked, unless that is what you are all about) but about our wellbeing, and general health to get through our days?

This isn’t to beat you with the start exercising stick, this is to remind you that without our health, we cannot do any of the things that we truly want to do. If we don’t take care of our bodies and brains, stretch our muscles and our mind, there is less time to learn and more time to be sick, less time to spend with our loved ones and more time to spend on the sidelines because we can’t keep up. Our brains are covered in fog due to not fueling our bodies with the right foods, so we are physically and mentally unable to function as we may want to. How is this an acceptable thing? Aren’t you better than this? I sure think so.

So here is your Friday eve reminder, the next time you want to give up on a health goal you have set for yourself, that you should treat it like giving up on that goal is like giving up on learning to read or to write or to walk. Make it your non-negotiable. Because your health is your wealth and I think that is something to be treasured. ;)




Tip of the Day: Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail – I know you have heard this but it IS true. Take an hour a week to setup your workout schedule and your grocery list for the week. It doesn’t have to be some crazy complicated thing, just start small and remember not every day has to be different. I like to duplicate my days when it comes to meals to make the grocery trip shorter and more money in my pocket.






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