April Showers Bring May Flowers…

The past few weeks have been so interesting. A few things that have happened…

I have learned how terrible I am at being yelled at. I’ve learned how much my OCD for not being able to solve all problems and fix all things on my own is both a strength and a weakness. I’ve learned I can turn into a bit of recluse when I am ashamed of not doing as well as others. I am TERRIBLE at organization.

But at the same time I have also learned how much my husband is my sounding board, someone to keep me in check and to push me to be better and I am to him. I learned I don’t miss the mountains as much as I thought perhaps I did, and a nice beachfront house will do me just fine. I have bigger than life dreams. I gain inspiration in seeing new places. I am actually getting pretty good at talking to new people.

See, what I am learning that while adversity and stress may fill you with doubt and turn your hair gray, there is always a silver lining and a lesson to be learned. Does that mean the downswing sucks less? Of course not. But it does mean that there is room for growth. For me it is leaning into insecurities and giving myself the appreciation that I deserve, because truly if I had a harshest critic of Holley award it would be given to ME. But i’m working on that. And since I spout off personal development around this place like I came up with it all on my own, my husband is always the first person to remind me of where I should be because of who I am professing to be growing into.

Personal development is never done. Growth goes on forever. There is no being good enough to quit and that doesn’t make you an unhealthy level of critical, but strong enough to realize that there is always something to reach for. You are good enough, but becoming better. The world needs to bathe in the glory of your goodness and feel the warmth of your soul. We need to become our own personal suns, shining our light to others and sharing our God given abilities as best we can. But to just like our tastes change over the years, so do our thoughts, clouded by the stress of day to day life as adults. This makes it so vital to keep pouring in the positive. Be realistic with a side of belief and faith, sprinkle in a little dreams and determination, shake in a little self worth and BAM – you’ve got a full package to give hope to a hopeless world.

What are you doing today to share your light? Are you being a dark storm cloud on the horizon or are you lighting up the sky with all your awesomeness? Be the light, share the light, and bring the joy. You deserve it.

Side note: This is my new background, because Travel is ON MY BRAIN. I want to see everything, and I am prepared to do what I have to do so….what is making you tick this May?



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