Book Stress De-Stress

Has anyone ever told you that being a bookworm is stressful? That probably sounds completely opposite of what reading brings for most people, and truly it is my escape. Spending that time being a witch or hobbit on adventures or learning new ways of building myself up to be better or building my business, that is where I love to spend my free time. But the struggle is real when your company puts a daily focus on personal development and you get all these AMAZING recommendations, and you want to keep reading your easy reads and fun reads. You suddenly realize that there isn’t enough time to breathe it all in. Thus the state of my nightstand…


The beauty of this though? A never-ending supply of material that you know will carry you through forever. It takes you through the nights when you husband is gone and you need that little brain break to end the day. Those lunch breaks when you just want to be a loner (because guess what? that is OK too sometimes.). For when your eyes are too tired from staring at screens that we are trained to spend our lives looking at. The nights you want to curl up and spend time with a feel good family story. Those times you want to give in to that little secret love of the dirty reads when you don’t want to have to think to much. That is why these fellows will always be my companion. A book for every moment, a different flavor everyday.

PicMonkey Image

So tonight. Here is to all the book nerds, who stress out about not having enough time in their day to keep on learning how to be better, to delve into fantasy lands, or who love seeing what the classics hold about days long past. Here’s to all the quiet ones who have that spirit of a hero inside itching to get out or the outcasts wanting to channel their inner bad ass to learn to stand up for themselves. Here’s to you perpetual students and dreamers. This one is for you. <3




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