Give Food a Chance!

Does this sound familiar?

January – “Summer is just right around the corner! Better get in shape! New Year, New Me!”

February – “Wow that month went so fast, that’s ok though 5 more months to go! Gonna start walking everyday.”

March – “Augh, spring break and I haven’t really gotten much accomplished..better start counting my calories”

April – “Boy, those chips and guac and margaritas were amazing, but how the heck is it already April! Guess it is time to cut out carbs too…..losing weight sucks!”

If this rings a bell with you, then I want to tell you i’m sorry for you. I’m sorry you are stuck eating your celery sticks and longingly standing with your face pressed against the restaurant watching other people enjoy their meals. Deprivation is certain death for any chance of love of getting healthy, but somehow it has magically become of the leading ways that our society, especially women in our society on how they are going to lose that weight and look “hot” for summer. And really, how long is it lasting when you starve yourself out? If it was lasting, they wouldn’t call it yo yo dieting…

What if I told you that the tools you need to stop this madness are already right in front of you? What if you could enjoy 6 meals a day with a meal plan that has almost so much food you have trouble eating it all in one day, a glass or two of wine every week, actually FEEL good and energized while still hitting your summer goals? No it isn’t a magic pill, no it isn’t some new crazy diet fad or going to cost you thousands of dollars. It isn’t going to happen over night. I can tell you without a doubt though, it is a sustainable lifestyle that means when January comes around next year and all your friends are starting to chew on nothing but lettuce leaves you are going to be enjoying a full array of delicious foods and not worried about summer coming, because you have already put in place a lifestyle that is moving you TOWARDS your goals and not AWAY from them. It isn’t always going to be easy, but the best things in life usually aren’t right? I want you to give your food a chance to work for your body and stop cutting out everything in life you enjoy.

All this is going to take is a little commitment from you. A little trust in me. A little investment in your health. All yielding a HUGE return on your life. April is going to be a big month but you need to get started NOW – stop pressing pause on your life and your goals.

Next month is my Give Food a Chance challenge group. What you are going to get from me is:

a focus on feeding our bodies and our minds what they need

meal planning and prepping

getting in our workouts to burn that food fuel

drinking our healthiest meal of the day

encouraging each other and accountability

…and probably enjoying an adult beverage or two as well

What do I need in return? I need your commitment to being part of the process. To focusing in on your health and not try to focus on getting “skinny” as fast as possible, but getting HEALTHY as fast as possible. I can tell you from experience if you hone in on that, the weight is going to come off and you WILL see big changes. Summer is just two months away, do you want to enjoy those two months or join the crowds staring in from the window?

Sign up for more information or to be part of the group is below. There are only a few spots left so grab yours now.

xo, Holley


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