Chicken and Spinach Burgers

Sooooo let me start by saying I really do start the week with good intentions. Armed with my grocery list and a phone full of pinned recipes I venture out collecting my goods in full preparation for a week of interesting and new recipes. Let’s say Monday I’m on task, Tuesday I modify to make it more familiar. And by Wednesday I am stopping at the store to pick up chicken to make an old standby. Healthy and on track, but nothing new. This week though, I’ve made the decision to conquer that hurdle and just stick with what I bought. 

So, with that in mind, I will also disclaim I may also still be struggling with getting out of bed in the mornings because of this time change. As much as I love it, it is doing me no favors in the mornings. This morning, I had full intentions of putting on a big pot of chili…but life had other plans. And through my lateness of waking, a new recipe was born! 

Since there was no cooking chili in 30 minutes and after a discussion about how much I love a delicious burger with the husband and our monthly red robin trips, I thought I would try my hand at chicken burgers. I’ve never cooked with ground chicken before but I am so intent on getting our weekly meals out of routine that I thought I would give it a go. So my little chicken/veggie love child was brought into this world and a new recipe added to the book. Side note…they will stick to your grill!!

Spinach Chicken Burgers

1 pound ground chicken

3 cups chopped spinach (I put mine in the food processor)

1 red onion (also put in the food processor) 

2 teaspoons thyme

2 tablespoons minced garlic

1 teaspoon rosemary

2 teaspoons of parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

Optional – 

Buns for the burgers (Sometimes I love mine without)


Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles..whatever floats your boat

Chop your veggies, mix all the ingredients up in a big bowl, patty out your burgers and grill!

Start to finish this recipe runs about 35 minutes from start to eating. My food needs to be healthy but needs to be fast. I’m not about cooking all night and then not having time to do anything else! 

Gluten free, appealing to the family, who doesn’t love a great burger….

Let me know what you think!


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