stop counting yourself out.

If I have heard one statement more than any other over the past few years of my life, including from my own mouth, it is the following:

“I don’t have TIME to be healthy, to cook healthy, to exercise…”

I am going to give you a smidgen of hard advice from my own personal experience, someone who was very fat, then very fit, then fat again and on my way back to healthy…you are lying to yourself and doing yourself a MAJOR injustice. This isn’t that you don’t have time, it is that you are not making yourself a priority. But the fact is if you don’t take even just 30 minutes of your time,  4-6 days a week to get your heartrate up and focus on keeping your body moving, and eating a healthy meal while abiding by at least the 80/20 rule when it comes to diet, you will eventually be spending that time and then some in the doctor’s office, in the bed or couch from being so exhausted all the time, or spending time missing out on the things you love because you cannot keep up with your friends, family and loved ones.

Don’t hate me for telling you this. This is said with love because trust me this pill was so hard for to swallow because I wanted to believe I was doing everything I could possibly be doing. I was letting my mind have free reign and the negativity crew had made a nice home of my mindset. I didn’t want to be around anyone, didn’t want to do anything and quite frankly didn’t make nearly the effort I should have been with my family and even my son…But happiness is a choice just as much as it is a feeling. For me to find that and fully believe in this, it has taken a lot of soul searching, reading, listening and putting myself around positive individuals who are also actively working on trusting in changing their mindsets. I had to get rid of my victim complex and stop making excuses about why I couldn’t cook a healthy meal, why I couldn’t fit in that workout, why I couldn’t crack open a good book that will work my brain because of my husband being away. You have to become the thriver and not just the survivor. Don’t you owe it to yourself to become the best version of yourself in this life? Aren’t your dreams worth fighting for? Of course they are damn it! Now hop to. ;) Take a week, just a week and really pay attention to how you are spending your time each day and I bet you will see the opportunities for time start to pop up around you.

Now saying all that, I hope you’ve gotten fired up and the wheels turning for ways you see openings in your days to take time for yourself. You aren’t looking for crazy amounts of time here, unless you have it to give, but just little bits of time that you can pour FOCUSED energy into. Do not try to force yourself into changing your entire life in a day, but let’s focus on the small daily behaviors that are going to get you where you want to be. Something that has changed my ways of thinking and keeps me focused on point with my goals is reading my personal development books. Quite literally one of the vital behaviors that is required of you as a Beachbody coach is to work on your personal development. (How many companies do you know that are going to pay you to build a better life for yourself?) Anyways, I have a few recommendations for those of you that just have a hard time seeing that bigger picture and being able to keep on point. These books have helped me so much in learning how to look at small daily behaviors and how they are contributing to my wellness.

So breathe, read, check in with yourself and then act. All of the positive information and practices in the world will not help you unless you decide to take action. So let’s do this thing. <3

Below are three of my favorites I have played on repeat the past few months. I think I am going to add a books tab to my blog to catalog and add my own insights from what I gained from the reading. Thoughts?

xo, Holley

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