grow and change and grow some more

Today was such a productive day. Woke up and enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee…maybe two. Chatted with some awesome people about goals and workouts and THEN I got in an amazing workout, outside, poolside, in the sunshine. I can 100% tell you I was not a creature made for cloud covered skies. Give me comfy pajamas with a warm sweater and book any day indoors but when I am outside I like to feel the sun beating down on my skin and the wind blowing through my hairs. Call me cheesy, but for real that is where I thrive. After that we cleaned the yard like it was the last day we could ever clean the yard again. So much sweeping….

Now…back to the workout. I have been bouncing around like a mad woman because I haven’t been able to decide what I want to do. I have this horrible habit of making it like 2/3 of the way through a program and then I lose interest. But a good friend and coach told me not too long ago that if you are not feeling you workouts then change them up! That took a lot of the guilt out of changing programs out for me. So….I have been dabbling in TurboFire with Chalean. If you aren’t aware of this program is, it is a 90 day routine of break neck pace punches and kicks and squats and just a collection of wildness that has made me have mornings of waking up sore but feeling thinner every single day all week. It’s been great.


I guess you could say there are other motivating factors behind my change. Part of my learning curve with being a coach is not knowing each program, so I’ve been jumping around trying to see what programs are out there because when I talk to someone I want to give them the best suggestion for one that will be a good fit for them. The thing about building a business and building something you are proud of is that when you actually care and are excited about the prospects and tools you have in front of you, it makes work feel not so much like work. I care a great deal about helping someone when I tell them that I am going to, so I need to educate myself to continually grow to succeed and to help them succeed. This is what I was meant to do, I just know it, so I am going to keep going every day. <3

I guess my note for today is just to focus on learning and listening. Listen to your body cues when it tells you it may be time to try out something new, listen to the people around you so you can really understand what they need from you and always learn and continue to learn so that you can help those you care to help and to build yourself stronger each day. Build your mind, Build you tribe, and Build a LIFE worth being PROUD of.


xo, Holley


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