little boy

when you love them but you can’t help them to not hurt, your heart breaks that much more.

when you have a little boy who wants the one thing in this world that you are completely incapable of giving to him, because that person is 1,000’s of miles away.

maybe you get upset with that little boy because he won’t talk to you, but then you remember that he is small, and just doesn’t understand how to cope with how he feels.

you learn that you can only be there for a hand to hold, a friend to play monopoly with, a gamer to beat at call of duty, and a teacher to help him learn. someone to laugh with, to drive him to fun places to do his favorite things, and be there to watch his favorite shows with him.

the only thing you can do is pray that the time passes quickly so that the thing that most precious little boy wants will be home. you love them, care for them, and just do anything in your power to help them through what they are dealing with.

you have to learn to attempt to not break when you see them struggle. that is a lesson i’m still learning, something i still have to work on.

i love that little boy more than anything in this world, so for him i will learn and grow.


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