words from friend wednesday

top of the morning to you. last night was open house for best friend’s school so i am following through a smidgen late. next week we should be on track. friend was pretty excited about the attention on his last story, so i will keep them coming.

this week, brought to you by friend…using ninja like skills to save us all from fictional characters…

“One day I was writing. Why I was writing everything that I wrote came alive! Then we all hid. I was looking for a place to hid but what I wrote found me first. So I ran as fast as I could. I hid in the closet. I saw what I wrote looked everywhere even where we were! I ran as quiet and fast as I could to get what I wrote. So I could get the cave man back into the story. So I grabbed the story and whoosh! They were gone.”16708469_1576617329033792_2028267397151156585_n


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