words from friend wednesday

I’m coming back from my hiatus.

I’ve decided that Wednesday’s I am going to share a story from Brenden,  or as you may or may not know him as Friend, and the creative stories his mind has come up with.

To start with I will use some from his writing journal from school. Spelling corrected for your readability, but these are all his own.

Maybe this will just be my own personal joy and I may be the only one that loves these as a mother would..but I think the kids got a knack for the pen.

Today’s story brings you a tale of a valiant battle. Well done good sir. 


-One day I was walking in the forest then I said this is going to be fun..Then I fell into a hole. It led me to a place that nobody would believe. Then I saw an oger robbing someones house. I ran after him. He tripped on his shoelace. I thought this was a dream for a second. Then I said I needed to focus on getting the oger. So I jumped on top of him and started hitting him. Then he passed out. I said “victory!” then I jumped into the hole and went home.-16708469_1576617329033792_2028267397151156585_n


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