round and round.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck going round and round in circles and you just couldn’t get up and out of them?

That would be me.

So to revamp my motivation, I decided that it was time to try out some new workouts and new types of workouts. I have decided on trying at least one new thing a month to add in to my weekly workouts. This month….swimming!

Alright, so I can hear you now..”swimming isn’t a new exercise”. Well granted I know how and do swim, I have never intentionally went swimming for a good workout. The past two nights have brought on my understanding of why those swimmers have ridiculously amazing bodies. Not only am I feeling more energized and like I’m challenging myself in a new way, BUT I’m sore as can be! Which means to me in my mind that I am doing something right! Last night my workout was a little sporadic, but after waking up to feeling fit again I decided it was time to find some exercises and put myself together an interval circuit to really do it right.

Here I am….an hour and five minutes later…and I’m already sore. ;)

To lay it all out there for you:

8 rounds of 8 exercises, 1 minute circuits, with 15 seconds rest after each 16 minute set.

1. Run and Swim: half a lap of running around the pool, then half a lap of swimming.

2. Chest Press: make-shift chest press with a pool noodle!

3. Mountain climbers: holding the side of the pool and doing regular mountain climbers.

4. Side Leg Lifts: holding the pool noodle down in the water with one leg and then doing a side leg lift, 30 seconds each side.

5. Running man and Jumping Jacks: same as on land, just in the water, 30 seconds each.

6. Toe Touches: again, same as on land, just in the water.

7. Leg Kicks: holding the side of the pool while kicking up and down, like swimming briskly.

8. High Knees: underwater high knees, STILL as bad as on land!

Surprising myself, I was breathing hard and feeling my muscles work just as if I was working out at the gym. It is a great alternative to do some of those exercises in the pool if the high impact is a lot on the knees. I found myself pushing harder and trying to beat the clock.

All in all the reboot is going pretty well. Today I got an even better motivation to keep me going and that is my BFF finally met her goal weight and is looking WONDERFUL! Brandy finally made it and I could not be anymore proud of her. I didn’t ask first (I don’t think she will mind at all, and if so she will just have to get over it =p)  but I want to share her photo with you guys so you can be as inspired as I am and have been! I have shared one before, but since she made goal I feel like it should be in writing and noted that today is the day!

She just goes to show what hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, tears, set backs, come backs and being 124 pounds less is worth. Health, longevity and happiness. Don’t ever give up on what you want out of life because it is absolutely a possibility. :)

That is all for tonight! Hope everyone is having a good week so far!



I am VERY up for suggestions as to what would be good workouts for the pool. It is all totally new to me, so I am here and ready to learn!


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