Well it has been since my vacation that I was able to write and now I have finally made it back again. Since the last time we have spoke, I have relocated with my family to the beautiful state of Florida (see the banner on my homepage of the end of my street view…) and my wonderful husband has joined our nation’s military.  Which means a new school for Brenden, new things to do, and lots and lots of paperwork to get our mail changed (which really has been more ridiculous than I assumed it would be. lol). Needless to say that living at the beach is a nice change, but it hasn’t been the most stress free of changes. Let’s just be honest with ourselves, OK I will be honest with MYSELF, change is hard to deal with, even when it is a really good change. Due to that fact, I have slipped off the beaten path, somewhat, and need to get back to what makes me, ME.

Come September, Cory will be leaving for his basic training which puts me and Brenden on the wait for him to get back for 16 weeks. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I know that many families have done it before us and we will get through it just the same. The more I think about the commitment that he has made to our country, the more I realized how important it was for me to recommit to being the most healthy I can be (no pun intended. ;p), to writing, to taking time for myself and to being the strong woman for me and mom that my little boy will need while his Daddy is away.

With all that said, today is my reboot. Now let’s be clear, I haven’t completely jumped off the bandwagon, I am still very conscious of my choices when it comes to my health, I know the information I need to use, it has only been in and out of my days for the past few months because of everything else in life that has been going on. (I don’t want anyone to think I have just let myself completely go!) Now that the dust has settled on the moving, Brenden is ALMOST enrolled in school, I’m set up for fall classes for college, and Cory is working his butt of to prepare to leave in a few weeks, it is about time I get back to working hard (learn to become a morning person, so far so good) and reaping the benefits that I have told everyone they will have from healthy living and taking care of myself.

So this morning before I have to go to work, I am off to the gym! (Which I forgot to mention I am now currently a member of…) I rejoined Jillian’s online program because I had so much success with it before, so I am going to do the workout that it set up for me today! It goes as follows….(feel free to join me…lol.)

Circuit One:

Lat Pullover on Exercise Ball

Dumbells Curls

Squatting Lateral Step Plyos

Circuit Two:

Sequential Superman

Bent-Over Shoulder Raise

Jumping Jacks

Circuit Three:

Backward Lunges

Reverse Grip Curls

Squat Thrust

Circuit Four:

Wide Grip Pull-Down

Oblique Side Crunch

Plie Hops

Circuit Five:

Side Lunge

Plank Twists

Star Jumps

It says to do three sets of 15 for each exercise and then for each ending exercise in each circuit 3 sets of 1 minute, which I’m going to aim for, if I cannot get to 15 on the last set I will do no less than 10. But I am going to have faith in myself that I will make it through. As the quote above says “I have it in me right now, to get where I want to be later”.

I am so glad that I will be back to using my blog for motivation and support, it helped so much before when I was starting out and I know it will help me now. Being honest with yourself and making yourself accountable is one of the best ways to keep yourself from falling off the path. And so now here I am asking you to keep my accountable. I always said I needed a good kick in the pants sometimes, so I guess I can have what I asked for. :)

Tomorrow I will have to let you all know how it goes! Have a great morning!



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