writing to you from abroad.

Well, more abroad than I usually am at least.

I have this on my facebook to, but I love it so much. <3
I love this one. 


I was lucky enough a year ago to purchase my BodyMedia armband that I use to monitor my activity and calories…which I love dearly all on its own. But then in December they were running a string of giveaways, which I just happen to enter one day, just for the heck of it. Well, the next morning I wake up and BOOM! I have an email that says, Hey! You just won a vacation!. So after I resumed my normal breathing, I emailed them back to say thank you and got all the details on our stay…

…Which we are currently on! 

We are staying at the AMAZING Turquoise Place in Orange Beach, Alabama. My jaw hit the floor when we walked in and I couldn’t believe that this could possibly be one room, and then wondered who could afford to stay here without being blessed enough to win a stay. (Maybe one day…). One half of the condo is the size of, if not bigger than, my entire house. We are on the 19th floor directly looking out over the ocean. And I could not be happier.

the best way to have a healthy breakfast...
the best way to have a healthy breakfast…

In the realm of being healthy, while we have been here I have been strict with my working out, so that I can enjoy our stay and still feel good about myself. It is to the point now that when I don’t workout and do what I need to do to stay healthy, I just don’t feel like myself at all. So I have been utilizing the fitness center and taking my first runs on the treadmill this week. (Yes, I mean my first runs on a treadmill ever. lol.) So the first day we were here I just did one of the pre-programmed workouts, the glute blaster, and it was great. I didn’t stop, and I listened to the advice of my dear husband and just paced my breathing. (It helps to have an ocean view to motivate you..) It ended up being about a mile and a tenth at different levels of incline and speed. Then yesterday I kind of just went for my own thing and ended up running 2.15 miles at a variety of inclines and sticking at around 4.5-4.7. I honestly am not sure where that stands around other speeds that some do, but for me, a non-runner as it is, it was fast enough to get my heart pumping and burning some calories.

Just actually finishing a run without having to stop was amazing for me in itself because usually I always have to stop, and can never control my breathing. So it was an accomplishment, and I intend to beat my distance today when I go to workout.

I really think that working out on vacation solidifies all the hard work I have put in because I know many people don’t take the time to continue caring for themselves when they do. I think that it is important to stick with your program, so when indulging some you are still conscience of your health. I know I have personally enjoyed eating out and splurging some with my foods, but at the same time I am still completely aware of the choices I am making and know that if I want to indulge, I have to workout to burn off those extra calories.

We have been out and about and playing soccer on the beach, walking on the beach, swimming, just being active in general and I think that is the best thing we could be doing. By staying active we are staying healthy.

So that is my message today, being on vacation doesn’t mean you should give up on being healthy and doesn’t mean that you should just throw all caution to the wind and let yourself get out of control. 

I hope that all of you are having a lovely morning and have a very Happy Easter!


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