I feel the fire

…and it burns. 

In my legs that is. Along with the rest of my body. Wow. Have you ever had a moment where you look back and wonder what exactly you were thinking? That moment when you put together a workout that sounded pretty good on paper, and it was very good, but it kicks your butt? Well I just did!

I felt horrible yesterday and into last night and was really worried that I wasn’t going to be able to workout today. But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that taking a day off because I didn’t feel 100% was the sort of excuse that can easily get me off track with my workouts, and really I felt better this morning anyway. As destiny would have it, I stumbled right onto this pin on Pinterest….

Can you get any more of a sign??

I had seen this picture before, but it was one of the first ones that came up while I started my morning Pinterest look around, so I thought maybe since I needed a boost I would try something new to get motivated.

I recently had a comment posted from the lovely people at RipDeck to try out their app and I have to say, I’m hooked! It is an app that uses the idea of the playing card workout that I did a few weeks ago, and puts it into app form so that you can make numerous different works, store them, and have them all at the touch of a button, along with keeping your time for you (and letting you give them a snazzy name as well). I just did my first workout with it and I was laying on the floor in a pool of sweat when I was finished.

What was that workout you ask? I’m not sure you want to know. Of course you asked because you are all interested in being healthy! If you are up to a challenge then I have one for you. I am proud of myself  for coming up with this personal challenge of a workout (and terrified at how much of Jillian Michael’s-like it was). I call it…

Squats Saved the Queen! 

The number cards are worth their face value. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 12. The Aces and the Joker are worth 15. 

Your suit exercises are as follows.

  • Clubs – Jump Squats (the “spring” like motion of this is a challenge!)
  • Diamonds – Push-ups (these are almost in all my workouts because I am determined to get better at them!)
  • Hearts – Burpees (you know how much we all love them)
  • Spades – Squats to Press (who says you have to work one muscle group at a time??)
  • Joker – Star Jumps (because you have to laugh at how horribly they hurt, yet how effective they are)

There you have it, pain in a nutshell, but I guarantee you after you make it through and cool down you are going to feel amazing. I tried to add in cardio with the strength so that my heart rate would stay up through the whole workout. I have learned to love metabolic training for this reason! I was feeling it so much after I was finished I forgot to take a “sweat evidence” picture to put along with the blog for you, but let me tell you, it worked up a good one.

I have really felt on the right path this past week with my workouts. I feel strong and thin and happier. It is amazing what a good workout will do for your moods and your self confidence. Not only does it boost how you look on the outside, but really it boosts your mental health as well because you can be proud with what you are accomplishing with yourself. Following Through with the goals that you set. I told you, that was my new thing. Making sure I do what I need and want to do. And it feels great.

I really hope you all are having a fantastic week so far, thank goodness it is Friday! I will have lots of exciting updates to come, but those are all top secret for now, I can’t wait to share them though! :)

I love a good secret…lol.

So until next time!


If you are at all into fitness apps like me, don’t have the desire to carry around a pack of cards with you when you go places and just want to have a virtual workout deck on your phone, I would recommend the RipDeck app. I’m not just saying this because they asked me to check it out, I really do mean it! So get on your phone and get to downloading, then try out my challenge. And if you don’t have a phone that can download it or don’t have a cell phone at all, don’t feel left out, grab a deck of cards and try my challenge anyway! ;) 


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  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I just heard about this playing card work out. I think it would be a great thing to do in a hotel room when you don’t have equipment with you. Bet it’s a good one!

    Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate it!

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