finding my mojo

I’m struggling. I can admit that. Someday’s I feel like I am a bottomless pit when it comes to snacking. Someday’s I feel more tired than I should. And those days, stressing about my eating, my being tired, the normal stress from life…that only exasperates the problem.

It seems like someone from above was looking out for me today when I stumbled across a quote and an email today that helped me keep my perspective and want to stay strong like I have. I believe that admitting to ourselves, and in this case my admitting to everyone here, that we are human and will always struggle with what we have overcame, is really a display of growth. If I would have felt like this two January’s ago, I would have just went on feeling sorry for myself, thinking life was just meant to be that way, that I was destined to be a person that I disliked. However now I can identify the factors that are making me feel bad and correct the problems.

I’m not saying that I have fallen off the healthy lifestyle. In fact I have been exercising to my schedule, eating healthy foods, sleeping more; the problem is that I have been indulging more in eating to much healthy food. To much of a good thing can be a bad thing they say. Even though I have been eating healthy foods and working out, I have been more of maintaining weight than losing it, so that is the issue at hand.

So, to identify the problem: eating to many snacks in between my main meals. The cause of: this stems from boredom and stress from other aspects of life. The solution: find other ways to redirect my attention onto other more satisfying and gratifying tasks that will keep me busy and keep the snacks in the proportions they belong in.

A bright moment today though was when I found a little inspiration that came to me just when I needed it.

This was perfect for how I have been feeling because of the rut this week that I have been in, feeling like progress is something I can’t accomplish. But when I think back to who I was and where I was 13 months ago, I realize that I can do anything that I am willing to put my effort and mind to. Losing that weight was hard, but I did it. I accomplished my goal. I have no desire to go back, those feelings haven’t changed. I just need the fire lit again like it was. I think perhaps since the outward physical changes are not as obvious as they were when I first started is one of the things that I struggle with the most, but the internal affects of living healthy will continue to improve the longer I live and will continue to show. So I am going to rethink my goals for this year and perhaps instead of focusing on the outwards appearance and pounds, I will put the focus on the inside and find ways to keep the fire burning. Sharing my experience with others helps me greatly; so does helping others and seeing kids living healthy, so soul searching on some career possibilities is something I see on the new goals for this year as well.

As for the email I received, it was just a quick tip, something small, but it fit so perfectly with how I was feeling that it lifted my spirits and made me think “outside the kitchen” when it comes to conquering my over-snacking that I have been dealing with. It came from my Self magazine slim down tip of the day:

Scarf chips when you’re stressing? Try filling out a gratitude list instead. Women who wrote about things they valued, such as family, likely didn’t rely on food to feel better and lost more than 3 pounds in two months; those who didn’t gained about 3 pounds, a study in Psychological Science reveals.

This makes more sense to me the more I think about it. When I think about what I value, what my living healthy really effects in my life, it helps me to put into perspective the real goal that I have been reaching for and reminds me of why it is important to not sweat the small stuff and keep going.

What I value most in my life is my family. When putting this in line with my healthy lifestyle, I think of how much my healthy lifestyle effects those that are around me. My husband eats healthier food and takes interest in things that benefit his health more, my five year old son wakes up and has organic, whole grain blueberry waffles with eggs and orange juice for breakfast now because he wants to eat healthy, and all of this stems from the changes that I first decided to change in my life.

I value being healthy. This is clearly in line with my healthy lifestyle because it is impossible to be healthy without it. My family medical history is full of so many health issues that the odds are against me to not have any of the problems that my loved ones have had. By being healthy and staying away from things that are going to put me at more risk, I am happier and give myself better chances at staying that way. It goes along with how much I love and value my family as well because I want to be there for them as long as I possibly can.

I value my ability to inspire others around me. Without living healthy I would have no story to share, no hope to give to others that were in my same position, and no reason to speak out and help others become aware of what living an unhealthy lifestyle can do to them. I truly love sharing what I have learned with anyone who wants to hear it (truth be told I will tell people about it whether they want me to or not, purely out of concern, but that doesn’t always go over well). I want to be a person that someone feels they can come to when they want to change their life. Without living healthy, this is something that I could not do at all.

For now I think those are the biggest things I value that really make me reflect on the importance of healthy living and what I have truly accomplished with my life in the past 13 months. I honestly feel much better just writing those out now. It is important, to give ourselves credit where credit is due and to realize that mistakes will be made, but that it isn’t the end of the road. It doesn’t mean we have to start completely over, just pick up where we left off. Mistakes let us learn what we need to improve so that we are stronger for it.

What do you value? What makes you want to keep going and to keeping striving for your goals? 

I hope you all have a great night!




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