let’s play a game…

anyone for cards?
anyone for cards?

Don’t forget these.

Alright. Not to sound so horror-movie-like, but it’s true. I have a game for you to play, and it will probably cause you to become sore, probably cause you to curse, and if you are like me, you WILL sweat profusely. So if you don’t like fast, hard, and effective calorie burning…turn back now. But if you are up for a challenge, then I have a workout for you.

To express to you the need for you to try this workout, I am going to put away all my shame and embarrassment and show you just why you should be doing this workout. If you have decided to stick with me and this post then I think you can handle what you are about to see….

“sweat evidence” (sorry for making you have to view the acne…it’s just been one of those months!)

Yes, that is me, with sweat literally dripping off of my face onto my legs after only a 19 minutes. Yes, I just said 19 minutes. Now how hard are you willing to work to be dripping in sweat?

So I don’t know how many of you watch Biggest Loser, but I have become obsessed with the show during this past year. If you are looking for motivation, and you don’t feel like reading what I have to say, look no further than watching Jillian, Bob, and Dolvett workout overweight people into the best shape of their lives. Seriously, it makes my workouts look like they are made for pansies. I’m so jealous. Anyways. Bob Harper introduced his team to a cross fit workout that I HAD to try out the night after I saw it.

Do you remember that deck of cards I told you about? Well i’m going to show you another picture of them and you tell me if you can spot the difference. (Look at you, getting to play two games in one night! It is like being a kid again.)

can you see it?:)
can you see it?:)

For those of you who HAVE watched the Biggest Loser recently would have known by this point what was coming, but if you didn’t, let me introduce you to pain! (The good pain! The kind of pain you are proud of in the mornings!)

As you can tell by this photo, each suit in the deck has a specific exercise. What YOU have to do is complete the number of reps shown for each card as it is turned over. For an example, the 10 of Hearts means you are going to do 10 burpees. For the face cards and the Ace of each suit, you are going to do 11 repetitions. You do the WHOLE deck. It took me 19 minutes and some odd seconds to get through the whole thing, so next time I am going to time myself again and try to beat my time. (See what I mean, cross fit means beating yourself, not others!)

There you have it. A game for you to play. Sure beats sitting around playing solitaire. You could even get the kiddies involved, or your spouse, or loved ones by letting them flip the cards for you and cheer you on. (My husband probably would be pushing me to go faster and telling me I was slacking off to make me prove him wrong.) There are endless possibilities of combinations you could do with this workout, so you could make it new each time if you wanted.

I think this workout shows that there is NO reason for needing a bunch of workout equipment to get in a gut-wrenching, heart-pounding workout that will get you into shape.

I guess that is my challenge for all of you to take on when you feel the urge. Push yourself to achieve things you never thought possible. ( I personally didn’t think I was going to make it through the whole deck of those in half an hour, let alone in 19 minutes…) 

I hope everyone has a great evening!!


Question for the evening: Do you ever feel like you NEED to be pouring the sweat to get in a good workout? Personally I know I like to have the evidence right there on my face of all the hard work, however I have read, and have heard Jillian talk about, how just because you are not pouring the sweat doesn’t mean you are not working hard. So it’s something I am working on to remember…


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  1. Ali says:

    Great blog and workout! There’s an app for that! Try RipDeck, our deck of cards iPhone workout app.

    Share with us a RipDeck custom workout and we may feature it and your blog on our In-App News, Facebook and Twitter.


    Like RipDeck on Facebook and follow @ripdeck on Twitter

  2. holleyrogers says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog! It would be awesome to get featured on your pages. I will check it out for sure! I love getting new workout routines to try out!

    1. Ali says:

      Let me know how you like RipDeck. Be sure to share your fav Ripdeck custom workout. We will make it the Featured Deck and promote your blog In-App!

      Happy RipDecking!

      1. holleyrogers says:

        Loved it! Thanks so much for telling me about it! I just reviewed it. I can’t wait for my next workout!

      2. Ali says:

        Yea! So happy you loved the RipDeck workout! Thank you for reviewing it too!

        Look forward to you sending me a custom workout for our weekly Featured Deck. Also, we are in desperate need of RipDeck workout video for our website and YouTube, if you are interested. One with you and/or one with you and your son would be great!

        Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!

      3. holleyrogers says:

        Sounds great! I actually posted the one I did today in my new blog post, but I would be more than happy to come up with another one. Let me think about it tomorrow and get back with you. Do you have an email? Or is this the best way to contact you? I will think about the video to. That could be really fun! Again thank you for such a great oppurtunity!

      4. Ali says:

        ali@warmfuzzyapps.com is my email. Love your latest blog post and RipDeck review! Will answer your other questions via email if you like.

      5. holleyrogers says:

        Sounds great! I will get in touch with you tomorrow! Thanks so much!

  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    What a great workout idea! I’ve done some of Bob Harper’s and Jillian Michael’s DVDs, but this would be a great workout to do while traveling. Could do it right in the hotel room. Thanks for passing it on. And thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it!

    1. holleyrogers says:

      Well you are very welcome! I LOVE finding new workouts. It makes working out so much more fun when you can do something different every single time. I have become obsessed with cardio like this because I am not a runner by any means and this gets is done fast. Thanks for commenting!!

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