the pain of reverse

Today I was really thinking of what some of the harder exercises are for me at this point. I have finally reached a point in my fitness level that I am learning to modify to make more difficult, or the normal level for some people. (jumping lunges…still one of the banes of my fitness existence..)  After pondering on all the workouts and exercises that I have done over the past 13 months of my life, I have decided that the exercises that give me the MOST problems at this point are exercises that are reversed. It’s funny how just turning something over the opposite way makes it so much more difficult! Let us look at some examples…

Example number one.

Reverse Plank.

This is one of the more difficult exercises for me, I would go as far as to say the most difficult to date that involves the plank position at least. For some reason lifting my butt off the floor while keeping my legs straight and elbows straight just isn’t something that my body has decided it wants to do. So to demonstrate, here is a lovely tutorial from modernmom on YouTube!

Look how she can smile and still talk while she does it…one day that can be me.

Example number two. 

Wheel Push-Ups. (or for the sake of this post, basically a reverse push-up). 

This pose I first did on the Jillian Micheals Yoga Meltdown DVD. Though I can hold the wheel pose once I get into it, I struggle with doing a push-up with my arms while in the pose. My arms seem to be the biggest factor in holding me back with these exercises. Since I couldn’t find a video of anyone doing a push-up in wheel pose, I decided to at least show you an image as to what a wheel pose looks like for those of you that do not know.

Just imagine bending the arms and bringing your head towards the ground, then returning back to the normal pose…repeatedly…


Those are the two that I am struggling with the most in the past few weeks, but there are plenty of exercises out there that elude my grasp of mastering. The great thing about loving a healthy life and not just “going on a diet” is that just because I am basically at my goal weight wise, I have now developed a love for fitness and seeing what I can make my body do now that I am getting more physically fit. I don’t think that there is much more I enjoy when I workout than mastering a move that I couldn’t previously do. It really lets you feel the progress.

So my question for today is to ask for suggestions on ways to perfect these moves! I am always looking for ways to learn so that I can teach others like others have taught me. I also am learning how to do a headstand and a handstand, so if you have any ideas on that it would be awesome as well! 

I hope you all are having a great day. Now time to go spend the evening with Brenden and then get my workout on tonight! Until next time…



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