the best is yet to come…

It has been months since I last wrote on my blog, I remember exactly when I stopped because it was just a short time before we had a tornado go through the mountains of my state (go figure, tornadoes in the mountains…), but instead of backtracking almost 7 months into the past for a recap I believe the best way to move forward is to, in fact, move forward.

I will say I did have a lovely fall and a great holiday season, and despite a few setbacks I did reach my weight loss goal in the one year that I set for myself. 67 pounds lighter, I am a much better me and can’t wait to tackle the next year of my life to see what I can accomplish again.

2013 not only holds the year to really hone in and work on perfecting my body the way I want it, but also with making a more organized, efficient, happier lifestyle that I have always craved but never really put the effort into working on. So after seeing what I can do when I put my mind to it with weight loss, I think it is time to also start focusing on other sections of my life that need a little upkeep as well.

The month of January is the start of my 40 day declutter and the start to my 30 habits to a cleaner home project. Mind you my house was never dirty before, but the amount of things that three people and a dog amass over a few years time is astounding and the clutter was creeping in. I am 7 days in and I am making EXTREMELY good progress on getting things cleaned out and sorted, and it is affecting me in ways that I didn’t even realize it would. For example, I find it easier to have time for things I enjoy, such as writing again and reading as much as I can or getting in a grueling workout, without feeling like something is left undone for me to do so. That is a wonderful feeling that every person needs.

So for now I will leave you with the links to what I am using to start the reorganization of my home and then tomorrow I will delve into more elaborate posts. I am excited, refreshed, and ready to start the new year back out right. I can’t wait to share my healthy tips I have learned, my eating healthy on a budget (which can be done!), and lots of other fun tidbits along the way. I hope everyone had a happy and healthy new year!!!


These women are my lifesavers (house-savers I could say)…if only I can help someone like this with my blog!!

8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home:

31 Days to Make Cleaning a Habit:

Oh…you didn’t think I would leave without giving you my before and after weight loss picture for the year did you!? Of course not. :) 11 pants sizes, 3 shirt sizes, 8 inches off my band size, and a big stock of workout gear and clothes later…I did it. Now so can YOU! Commit, Make a Promise to YOURSELF, and Live! Everyone deserves to be happy in their own skin, you only have to make the effort and your body will make the changes. <3

The first picture was taken a few weeks into January 2012, the last one was taken the end of November. I am one happy lady.

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