Wake up!

This morning I woke up after not sleeping that long, but oddly refreshed. I am not sure if anyone else ever does that, but sometimes when I do not sleep that long I find myself more energized than if I had slept a full eight hours. Maybe I’m just the odd man out. It wouldn’t be the first time.

I did however start my morning with Jillian Micheals Yoga Meltdown Level 2!

I know that most people who go to actual yoga classes on a regular basis would not get the same feeling doing her routine as they would in their class, but for someone like me who wants to enjoy the flexibility and non-impact benefits of yoga it is perfect. (I have tried an actual yoga routine and find them extremely wonderful, and one day I will go to an early morning yoga class. That is a promise I made myself!) I found myself wanting to try level two for a new challenge on this refreshing morning, and I got it alright! I was actually sort of amazed at myself because I almost got into a crow pose for the first time and it is one I have been wanting to do since I saw Jillian do it a while back. I am going to go ahead and give myself that 2 seconds that I held it before I toppled down  again, but hey, you have to start somewhere! I also believe that the way that Jillian has you repping out the poses before you hold them makes them even more challenging in a way because you have to control your breath and stabilize yourself before you can hold it. All in all, I feel as though I am gaining a pretty good foundation on basic yoga poses, and will not feel like a TOTAL stooge once I get to an actual class.

Now I am going to go cook some breakfast and then enjoy a nice cup of vanilla caramel coffee and enjoy the quietness of my house since the toddler, husband, and dogs are sleeping. I really think I am going to make this an every Saturday thing! 

Just so everyone knows what breakfast is going to be like, I am going to share what I will basically be making, so that maybe you can have a healthy morning as well! This is becoming my every morning go to, so I think it is about time I filled you all in!

It is as follows!

1 cup Fiber One 80 Calorie Honey Squares

1/2 cup Silk Original Almond Milk

3 Egg Whites

1 apple

1/3 cup blueberries

and of course a nice hot cup of coffee! (everything in moderation!)

This breaks down to about 307 calories, 70 carbs, 3.3 grams of fat, 19 grams of fiber, 13.5 grams of protien, and 43% of your calcium for the day!

I only say about on the nutrition because with fruit it is always just an average because they are all different, but that is the breakdown my Body Media Fit gave me for the meal. It is delicious, nutritious, and filling, and you could even add in a greek yogurt and still be at only 430 calories for the whole meal. (Which I just may do!)

So now that I am starting the morning right I am going to make my day a healthy Saturday and hope that you will to. Enjoy the day everyone!!


Question for the day: Do you ever like trying out workouts like zumba or yoga at home before you try it at the gym? Do you feel more prepared, or as if you have taught yourself to do it wrong? I have never taken a class at the gym, so I am curious about what other people think about this.


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