I Dub Thee…

…Weigh-In Wednesday!

So in an effort to make my losing weight more exciting, and jazzing up my blog some (trying to find the time to write is fighting me! I must have something good to say for it to be so difficult…lol.) I am going to make some days of the week a particular day to write about a particular thing. This day happens to be for my own personal need, which is a set day to weigh in and to check my weight loss progress in these last pounds I want to lose. So today I am going to start!

Today I weighed in at 164. 

It is still hard for me to even put that number up to tell people, but I am honestly so happy with my results so far that I am becoming OK with it. I know there are people that are skinnier out there than me, but I am working towards being the best ME I can be, not the best someone else. I look at where I was and where I am now, and losing 46 pounds (total) is something to be proud of.

I have four pounds left to get to my 160 goal. Thank goodness I am over the plateau I hit because I was so tired of getting on the scale and it not changing! But it has started to move back in the right direction, and that makes me happy. :)

In other news, I am loving my BodyMedia armband. It is amazing the stuff it tracks. I feel like I am soooo much more informed about my calorie burn and I know what I need to do through the day to get to my 1000 calorie deficit. If anyone is on the fence about getting one, I would highly recommend them!

Saturday I went out for my first jog outside (I am not a runner, that is why it was my first) and now my shins are still experiencing some pain. I think it was just my shoes, so it is not so much the why they are hurting, but how to make them stop! Any suggestions are very much appreciated!

I hope everyone has a lovely day and HOPEFULLY I will be able to write again soon! (I have a really good idea for a Friday blog..)



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