Chocolate Covered Strawberries…in a bowl!


This morning I was determined to fit  the fresh fruit that my mother brought me into my breakfast. Considering the extreme chocolate craving that I have been having lately I decided to try to take my Chocolaty Goodness oatmeal (see my earlier post for that recipe) and turn it into Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oatmeal. After one strawberry and one bite to taste test it (thank you Brandy for the suggestion!) I was hooked. So here I am now, telling you about my success, and wanting to give you a breakfast for UNDER 300 calories that will make your body happy!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oatmeal

1/4 cup steel cut oats

3/4 plus 1 TBS vanilla almond milk

1 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp of brown sugar (you could use any sweetener of your choice really)

1/4  cup strawberries cut into bite size pieces (or more if you want, I had a full cup of strawberries total, I just put in 1/4 actually in the oatmeal itself.)

1 tsp mini chocolate chips

Cook your oats according to the packaging. Add your cocoa powder and sugar in while the oatmeal is cooking in the pot. After the oatmeal has finished cooking (with steel cut oats it is about 20 minutes) you put your strawberries and mini chocolate chips on the top. Eat and Enjoy! 

For this recipe the calorie count is 270 calories (not including the other 3/4 cup of strawberries, for this meal with a full cup of strawberries is 303 calories). It is a really filling meal and really gives you that chocolate covered strawberry that you are looking for. I will definitely be making this again (I have a lot of strawberries to get through. lol.)

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


Question for today: How do you like to incorporate fruit into your meals besides just enjoying them whole and as they are?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. priya20g says:

    I made the exactly same breakfast a few days ago ! Haha !

    1. holleyrogers says:

      I eat oatmeal literally every day, so I am always trying to find new ways to make it. This is the first time I had ever put strawberries in it. :)

      1. priya20g says:

        I do the same. Oatmeal is a power food. I even make it savoury with pepper and tomatoes and herbs !

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