I turned 32 yesterday

I wanted to tell everyone a little about myself so you get an idea of why Holley wrote that neither stress nor bad excuses have kept me from reaching my goals. I have two daughters one is turning 11 very soon the other is 2 going on who knows. Lets just say she’s more than what most would call a handful. I am married, but lets say he’s truly never home. My husband works for the railroad and is only home 6 days a month. I am a wife by means of a phone, I am daddy, mommy, maid, cook, you name it that’s me everyday 24 hours a day. Yes I’m a stay at home mom but with one in school and one who never sleeps and I do mean never sleeps has bad food allergies has had developmental delays and just now started day school, I stay very busy. My life can be very chaotic. I do love it though. My girls are my world. I had my youngest daughter September of ’09. After delivery (another c-section. Yep two now) I managed to weigh myself hoping i had lost a lot of weight. Nope I weighed 256 lbs and stayed that weight until the one day where I could no longer stand myself anymore. My husband walked me through the exercise section of Walmart told me to buy a DVD and one weight and do something about my weight. He was tired of hearing how miserable I was. I bought Jillian Michaels Shred it with weights. I bought a 3lb weight. I went home put it in and 15 minutes into was laying on the floor in a pool of sweat. I couldn’t do it I wasn’t going to do it. I gave up right then. The next day i was told to get off my butt and try it again (thanks honey). I did i put the DVD in again and once again managed 15 minutes before my arms, my legs and everything to the roots of my hair hurt. I started doing the DVD everyday i could. Christmas came and to my surprise i was down to 231 lbs not to big of a weight-loss but it was for me. I wanted Wii fit for my Christmas present that year and was granted it. I continued to do Jillian and WII fit. I had quit a few times and gave up, i gained some weight back and said I’m fat and happy and I’ll die fat and happy. I was sadly wrong I was going to die just fat. Now we are at April of 2011 I have stuck to it and got back on track we have now moved to another state and my weight is down to 221 lbs, Yep still fat and unhappy. The move was what I needed out of the country and into the city. I have a fenced in back yard. I have an upstairs and a basement. I am away from the fattening lifestyle i have grown so accustomed to. I still looked at myself as a very big woman. And i was. I continued exercising and have asked for more Jillian dvds and have fallen in love with working out. I have become and addict. Its one year later from moving into the city and i have lost 104 lbs, I have went from a size 22w to a 10. I have gotten one of the greatest gifts i could have ever received a life. I am happy, still stressed but that comes with being a mom. I now have a treadmill and use it regularly. I have completed my first 5k run and am doing the Susan G. Kolman Breast Cancer 5k run in October. Me run yeah right ask me that 2 years ago i would have said you have bumped your head. Nope i love it. My husband was so kind as to grant me a birthday gift of an Everlast Heavy bag (pink i might add) and gloves. I have 19 more pounds to go to reach my ultimate and final goal and because Holley has been with me through the tough times the I quit times we have decided to treat ourselves to a spa day. Queen for a couple of hours. No kids, No husband, No phones, complete and udder relaxation. So that’s me and my story in a nutshell.

This has become the year of no excuses. It truly was a great birthday. I had no birthday cake in the house and was looking for that sweet treat and wanted to blow out a candle. Success Holley sent me the lovely recipe which she posted yesterday. Now the start to the remaining 364 days of being 32. I started today out with a bang. I hopped on my treadmill after feeding my two-year old breakfast and turning on a Caillou DVD and went for it. I have entered into the presidential challenge after watching The Biggest Loser (one of my motivational shows) and have 6 weeks to get the remainder of my weight off. Holley has come up with such a great term “sweat evidence” , we tend to need the sweat pouring from our faces into our eyes and burning the retinas in order to feel like we really achieved a great workout. Jillian frowns upon this stating you are just dehydrating your body when you are pouring the sweat, sorry Jillian it’s what keeps my driving force in motion. I need that sweat evidence. I hope I have given you a little strive to achieve anything. Be the best “You” you can be and always always always push yourself. Im not a miracle, I’m

Sweat Evidence

not a spokes person for Jillian. I am me. I am a woman determined to walk both my girls down the isle and be the skinny MILF i was born to be. (well my husband says that i just think hes being nice). I am always here to help support anyone who wants to change your life for the better.