A little Motivation and Inspiration…

Ok. So I am going to share my lovely cousin’s progress with you today because I always talk about her, and she also is going to be writing blogs here and there as well (because I am going to force her to share her knowledge..), so you should all get to know her a little better! She was my motivation for losing weight and so I hope that her success can inspire you as well! She has worked out with lots of Jillian Michaels just like me, along with other types of exercise (she is becoming quite the runner!!!), but if it wasn’t for her I may have never been introduced to a Jillian workout in the first place. (gasp!) She just goes to show that anyone can better their life no matter how busy, no matter how stressful, you just have to MOTIVATE. Be a BETTER version of YOURSELF. Be HEALTHY for YOURSELF. You OWE it to YOURSELF. I hope that sharing her success can help you to see that with time, hard work, and dedication, change IS possible! Now stop what you are doing and give me some suicide runs!  ;)


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  1. holleyrogers says:

    I totally agree! :)

  2. Little Sis says:

    Wow! Go Brandy!! She must feel great!

    1. holleyrogers says:

      I am sure she does. :) She works so hard and keeps me in line when I need a little extra push. Between her and my husband, they are my weight loss keepers. lol.

  3. sweetopiagirl says:

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