Advice or Ideas.

I was asked to post a few things by Holley. She said I have such great advice. I by no means am a writer but I do tend to give advice rather good or bad wanted or not. I guess it’s a habit.
I’m sure there are many of you out there who say “I don’t have enough time in a day to fit in a workout (guilty as charged), actually you do. For those of us with little kids or messy husbands or both. I’m sure you find yourself cleaning up after them many times a day. Well now’s your chance to add in your daily exercise as I did today.
I found out that when searching the fridge to look for my daughters butter that I normally I bend over killing my back to look way in the back of the fridge, today I discovered no more bending over, why not get a few squats in to tighten my backside.
Then a lightbulb went off. It usually takes me 30 minutes to prepare our breakfast as she eats different from I do because of food allergies. Why not get my workout in. So across the floor I went doing lunges to get to one end of the kitchen. Well the workout didn’t end there I had to mop the floor today. So instead of grabbing my mop out I got a rag and decided I would scrub the floor on my hands and knees. Its time for some sort of plank move. I attempted to scrub my floor in the worst move ever it was like a plank pose but I kept switching hands. I started shaking in my arms but it was better than being on my knees.
I looked up at the walls and said oh why not. I thought back to Jillian and what moves she’s taught me. Lightbulb again side crunches don’t face the wall turn sideways and lower your top half to scrub the lower part of the wall. It Burns yes. It’s worth it oh heck yes.
One last one and ill quit rambling, well maybe 2 more. The mop bucket was filled to capacity why? Well I don’t have a chance today to lift weights why not lift my mop bucket. One arm or both arms it works. Last one while bent on my hands and knees picking up every last block my daughter scattered across the floor Jillian came back into my head and reminded me once again to put some form of exercise into this task. OK I Said to her not that she can hear me, hmmm donkey kicks why not I’m already on the floor on my hands and knees. So I did 10 on each side and managed to clean up every last block.

So as you go about your day remember you can always add some form of exercise into everything you do.



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