Four Weeks

So today I am setting a new goal. Well a smaller goal to reach my main goal. It feels amazing to NOT hate my body. I wish there was a way I could take what I feel and put it in a visual form and show you how good it feels to motivate and inspire.

I'm pretty sure if I could it would look something like this. :)

I am on my last four weeks of the Body Revolution Program and so today I will start my Phase Three workouts. I am really excited, and nervous and happy. I am setting my goal at losing 9 Pounds in the next 4 weeks. I mean, I see people on the biggest loser do it all the time! I am NOT going to completely get bent out of shape if I do not make my goal, I just needed a self motivate goal to get myself to really push hard these last few weeks. I am so close to my personal finish line that I can see the end of the race, I just need to sprint to the finish!

So today I hope to motivate everyone else to set a small goal for themselves to finish within the next four weeks. Whether it be to lose a few pounds, workout a few more times, try something new, or eat healthier…having goals to accomplish is a great way to get yourself going in the direction that you want to move it. I think that having goals is another one of the key ways I have stuck with losing weight. I hope everyone has a fantastic day and I hope to hear all about goals that you have set up to accomplish! We can all check in four weeks from now! =)


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