Carrrdio. Make it Burrrrn.

this sums it up!

OK everyone. So now that I have all your tastebuds satisfied, it is time to get to work and burn off all that delicious food. I have sort of made up my own one hour cardio circuit using HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. One day on Facebook I saw a challenge that Jillian had posted up and decided to take it to the max.

I set the timer for the way Jillian had that challenge set up: 20 seconds of working out, 10 seconds of rest, and 30 intervals total. It says to make it like 85% of your max heart rate. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, such as in my case, just push yourself as hard as you can. It ends up being about 15 minutes total. I just repeat the 15 minutes four times to get in my hour. (though 30 minutes of my hour is devoted to my new obsession of heavy bag training.

This is the order I did my  intervals in:
1 – light jogging
2 – jumping jacks
3 – jump rope
4 – sprint in place
5 – left hook punches
6 – right hook punches
7 – high knees
8 – kickouts with arm circles
9 – jump squats
10 – burpees
11 – light jogging
12 – jumping jacks
13 – speed rope
14 – right jabs
15 – left jabs
16 – burpees
17 – sprint in place
18 – uppper cuts
19 – jumping jacks
20 – fast feet
21 – light jogging
22 – uppercuts
23 – butt kicks
24 – sprints
25 – left hooks
26 – right hooks
27 – high knees
28 – sprints
29 – speed rope
30 – light jogging 
I did this twice through, I basically just try to alternate between leg exercises to arm exercises and then full body like Jillian does in the DVDs. I also alternated between heavy bag and aerobics, doing 15 minutes of one and then 15 of the other, then repeating that, giving me a total of one hour.
I was so close to quitting at the end of the hour, but I was so proud of myself when I finished. That was the first time I had ever worked out straight up cardio for one hour. It is amazing how far I have been able to come so far. My next cardio goal to work on – one and a half hours! So hopefully in the next three months I will have advanced far enough to do it.
So that is my exercise advice for tonight. I will again tell you I am NOT an expert, I just do what I can to be healthy and want to share that with others around me. Let me know if you decide to try it or if you think there is a way to improve it! Have a great night everyone!

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