It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, NO!…It’s the SuperFoods!

So as I was sitting, trying to find some motivation for getting and staying fit I decided to flip through my new issue of Self Magazine. I thought it would be a good place to start! And then…

There is was, Top Ten Superfoods. I came across this great article that: 1) made me feel good about the food choices I have been making, and 2) gave me a little pep to keep on going with my workouts, because sometimes it is hard to find that self-motivation.  So tonight I thought I would share the superfoods list with you so that you could have a little motivation and better food choices in your grasp as well! I am happy to say that I was already including many of these in my healthy foods diet already, but it is always good to hear why you should include those types of things I will include a link for the Self article so that you can do further reading and get the information first hand, and not just in my words….

Top 10 Superfoods! (in no particular order)

1. Apples – this fruit has 4 to 5 grams of fiber so it helps it to be filling, and also helps to ferry out some of the fat and calories from other foods you eat!

2. Yogurt – most lowfat and nonfat yogurts (both greek and regular) have about 20% of your daily calcium needs, plus slows the production of cortisol, which is a hormone that encourages belly fat! (and NO ONE wants that, so grab a spoon and enjoy some yogurt!!)

3. Eggs – loaded with choline, that is a compound that is shown to help block fat absorption. 

4. Kiwifruit – a large kiwi has 84 milligrams of vitamin C – which is more than a day’s worth, and which helps form carnitine that helps burn fat cells for energy for exercise.

5. Sweet Potatoes – contain RS (resistant starch) that help turn up the bodies fat-burning furnace. Can also increase production of hormones that signal the brain to stop eating. 

6. Edamame – these green soy beans have 17g of protien per cup, and your body will burn more calories digesting protein rather than carbs and fat. 

7. Lentils – Rich is RS (resistant starch) and will help encourage that fat burning and shrink fat cells. 

8. Wild Salmon – the omega-3 fatty acids can help to fight fat more effectively, and alter the expression of certain genes, causing the body to burn more fat instead of storing it. 

9. Quinoa -a complete protein, this has all the essential amino acids needed to build metabolism-revving muscle. 

10. Olive Oil -healthful mono-saturated fats found in this could potentially switch on genes related to fat burning and storage. (remember though, oils, even healthy, are still only good for you in moderation!)

Here is the link to the article from Self. It is a great read and really sheds some great light on these foods…

So there you go! A little food research from yours truly, and a little reading material. I am in love with basically all of Jillian makes an appearance on there numerous times! I hope that you all enjoy a wonderful evening and I look forward to hearing what you think about the superfoods! How many superfoods do YOU fit into a day?


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