So this is the deal…

This is Me...

I suppose for a start I should keep this simple and explain my intention. I am a woman on a mission. I have a few goals for my life and one of them includes conquering the obstacle that is called my weight. I have been as heavy as 210 pounds and now I have dropped 36 pounds total in the last year. 17 of those have been lost in the past two months. I have never been one to purposely put myself into pain, I don’t like it, I don’t want it, I am a whiner and that it just how it is.

When I decided to confront the elephant in the room which was my reflection, I intended to do whatever I had to do to change it. Who knew that after Brandy would introduce me to the bully that IS Jillian (commonly referred to as “Killian” thanks to my autocorrect) Micheals, I would would be entering into the most pain my body has had since the day I was in labor with my son. That is what I would compare her workouts to…labor.

My newest brand of torture from Jillian is her 90 Day Body Revolution program. Six days a week, four days strength training and two cardio days for 90 days. Plus a meal plan and lots of other motivational and weight tracker tools. I am extremely goal oriented and by setting myself a time goal, such as 90 days, it helps me stay on track.

FACT: According to….

Goals encourage people to think about what success looks like. By setting goals, you provide direction, expand your expectations and increase your challenges. Goals provide cohesion for organizations by defining and focusing attention on common desires. For individuals and organizations, setting goals help identify the tasks, procedures, actions and objectives necessary for success.

So keeping this in mind I have set my goals high. My first goal is to get through this first 30 days and just DO IT. (Thank you Nike!) No excuses and just exercise the six days a week.

So that is the sum of it all. I can’t wait to share lots of the motivational things I find and healthy food I am growing to love (believe me, if I put them up, chances are it is good, I am probably one of the most picky eaters ever…). I hope to hear comments and advice as well. I am always looking for new ways to stay on track and to try new things! Have a great day everyone!

...This is me AFTER Jillian.

This is the link to the LIVESTRONG website to explain how they feel about goals. Love this website!

Question for today:

How do you stay motivated when you are exhausted and do not feel like doing anything?


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