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Hello all.

It’s been almost two months since I have sat down to write here. It’s been one heck of a past two months. My wonderful husband sends me a letter everyday that the mail runs, and I do the same for him. I have never stalked the post office so much in my life, and have never enjoyed getting mail more than I do now. I have realized just how special of a relationship that I have with my best friend, and somehow distance has brought us closer than ever. So that is one thing that I will most definitely be grateful for from this.

edit two

My Other Half. <3 So Proud of Him.

Other things I have learned from this experience so far: It’s almost impossible to sleep with a 6 year old in your bed without getting kicked in the face or side all night, I hate driving in the city (A LOT), coffee is one of the most amazing things that God put on this Earth for us, I enjoy running more than I realized I would, stamps and mailing packages really costs quite a bit, I do better when I have a routine, handwriting does get better with practice, I am more in sync with my husband than I thought (I will have an idea and then the next day I get a letter about the same sort of idea, which he had wrote 3 days prior to me getting the letter. lol) and it is fighting a losing battle to keep up with the shedding of a German Shepherd. I am sure there are many more things that may be more sentimental or deep, however these are some of the things that I encounter a lot more than most. I don’t think I am ever really 100% myself, but I am doing much better than day one where I felt like the walking dead. Thank the Lord for a son who keeps me together. He has been a blessing to me more than I even realized he would be through this.

I get to leave to see my husband in 14 days for his Mid-Cycle Pass! (I will see him in 15, but we are going up the night before). Therefore, I have really buckled down with my food and exercise. I want to be in the best shape I can be for him when I see him, even though he has already assured me that it didn’t matter anyway, he just wants to see me. :) So far I have went down 5 pounds and that has been a fight honestly. I think the stress has really been keeping it on me. I have been working very hard to let it all go so that I could focus on the positive, and with the time approaching for me to be able to see him, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Though we will only get to see him for 36 hours on their pass, that is better than not seeing him at all. I’m back to my normal breakfast of oats and apple and now I have added a mini babybel cheese too.  (Those little things are fantastic, you should just go out and get some today…) Wednesday I had pumpkin pie oats and they were delicious, and tonight for dinner i’m going to have a pumpkin pie protein shake. I know I have probably missed the “blog about pumpkin flavored everything” wagon, but really I love what I love no matter the season. :)

And Florida seems to be all seasons at one time all the time anyway. lol.

I would love to have some advice on some workouts to try out, ways to build running endurance, or some great healthy and easy meals to try out over the next few weeks. I am focusing on whole body workouts that really hit my abs hard and my running, and foods that are slightly lower in carbs (My body doesn’t function right with NO carbs so I just try to eat less) and really quick to make. (It seems like I never have enough time to cook anymore). I did find some great crossfit workouts that I had bookmarked a long time ago that I have been doing and I love. So I am going to share them with you for today. I know that this hasn’t been my most exciting post, but it has been refreshing for me to sit down and get it all out. Writing is very therapeutic (as found out after writing my husband about 3 full notebook pages front and back a night. lol). I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I for one will be staying away from the giant pile of candy that my son brought home. It’s not worth it!!


Have a fantastic day!!

These are some great workouts, and I love this blog. I suggest all of your take a little time to look it over. :) Maybe one day I will be strong enough to do a handstand….one day…lol.



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by | November 1, 2013 · 11:26 am

Be Strong.

Be Strong.

This was on my facebook wall this morning, I enjoyed it so I wanted to share.

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by | September 9, 2013 · 9:21 am

It’s happened.

My husband has officially left us for the next few months to fulfill his desire to be part of our country’s military. Honestly I have been kind of been a wreck for the past two days, but I am slowly getting it. I know that we are going to be stronger for getting through this in the end. That boy is my soul mate, and I could not be any prouder to call him my own. We even managed a decent picture before he had to leave us…

So to keep busy I am going to do his run that he had been doing in preparation for the months to come. Granted my run will be done on a treadmill (runner in training right now..), but I am going to run the distance that he ran everyday and hopefully get down to his time. Before he left he was running 3.1 miles a day in 23 minutes, so TODAY I ran 3.05 in 35 minutes. I was so stinking close. But for the safety of my face I had to stop the treadmill because I was running at a full on sprint. I will catch up to him, I know he would have been proud.

photo(4)(yes I am that proud that I will even share with you all my grossness. lol)

I was proud to run that far, considering two miles has been the best I have done ever, and what progress it shows from the start of my journey. Learning to run is my new goal to go along with losing all the stress weight I had gained back. So two days in, and I’ve lost a pound already. (I guess nerves will do that to you. lol.)

I really don’t have to much else at the moment, I’m going to make my favorite tea, settle in with a relax vitamin and a movie, and I’m off to write my husband his daily letter so that when I get his address I can send him a bundle. Thank goodness that he and I communicate so well through writing.

Until the next time, have a good night everyone.



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That moment when…

That moment when...

Your best friend gives you a workout to try..ahem..Brandy…and you lie on the floor in that hate/love pain that comes with a great and short routine. Day One Accomplish. <3

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by | August 25, 2013 · 9:35 pm


ALSO, I wanted to share some of my favorite things in life. So here is a quick look at my (recent) life in photos.

1173598_685600544802146_464166325_nimage (1)image (2)image (3)image (5)photo (5)image (6)

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Well according to my notifications, I now have 50 followers on my blog and I would firstly like to say THANK YOU! It means a lot to me that there are people who are interested in what I have to say and enjoy reading about my journey. 

Not only does it make me feel like I am on the right track, but I think that it keeps me focused on the right things because it makes me feel like I am accountable to each and every person who passes by this page. I know that when my husband leaves for basic training in a few weeks that writing is going to be a great help to me to not give in to my old habits of turning to food for comfort. (the main reason I haven’t been writing is because I have been spending family time before he goes…)

So here is an update of where I am. SO far, I am have not lost any weight, but I am not deterred. I have lost my negative attitude and stopped beating myself up for the setback in the first place, which is a good place to be mentally for success. I recently tried my first biggest loser workout DVD and I have been sore for 3 days. lol. (I look like a little old lady hobbling around my house). Today Cory left for his last drill before basic, so I am going to get Brenden and the dog out of the house and stay busy all day and stay healthy!

There is one thing that I have found over the past week of working out while Brenden has been at school, and that is that I am NO morning workout person. For me, working out at night is like signing off on a job well done. It’s like telling your body, “Good job! You made it through the day and kicked ass, so now we are going to turn it into overdrive and you are going to burn off those calories all night long and wake up refreshed, lean and stronger for it in the morning!”. When I workout in the mornings I feel good, but then as soon as I eat I don’t feel as strong or fit, and when I wake up I don’t have that tight, pulled together feeling like I do when I workout after my last meal. So it’s back to my normal, Brenden is going to just enjoy a few evenings playing at the kids club during the week. 

So what is it like for you? When do you feel best from working out? 

I hope everyone has a great day. I am feeling motivated. :) Until the next…



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to-do list.

to-do list.

Today I found this and thought that it was worth sharing. It definitely rings through to someone like me who sometimes needs to look at the bigger picture. Enjoy Everyone!

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by | August 15, 2013 · 9:56 am